About Us

At Carter Paddleton, LLC, our sole purpose is to promote the exciting game of paddleton. Ideal for upper-elementary age children as well as adults, paddleton is a great multi-generational game that can be played indoors or out. The game is played on a standard badminton court using a uniquely-designed birdie and wooden paddles. It incorporates both tennis and badminton skills. An excellent game for developing hand/eye coordination, paddleton is a natural addition to any elementary physical education program. Its fast pace, however, also makes it ideal for both middle and high school programs.

Carter Paddleton, LLC, was founded by Mr. Ernest Carter, an elementary school physical education instructor in Midland, Michigan, for 33 years. He incorporated the game of paddleton into his curriculum throughout his career and is lead organizer of an annual city-wide paddleton tournament, an event routinely featuring over 600 elementary-age participants.

Handmade Equipment

Carter Paddleton, LLC, offers one-stop shopping for paddleton equipment, including wooden paddles made from Grade "A" 1/2-inch plywood and specially-designed rubber or silicone-tipped birdies. Both items are handmade in Midland, Michigan, by Carter Paddleton, LLC. Badminton nets and poles are also available for purchase. Rules of play are included with each order or you can download a printable copy.

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