Equipment & Price List

Contact Carter Paddleton, LLC, to purchase all your paddleton equipment. Wooden paddles and specially-designed birdies are handmade in Midland, Michigan, by Carter Paddleton. A copy of Paddleton - Rules of the Game is included with each order or you can download a printable copy.

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Paddleton Paddle

Wooden Paddle

Handmade using Grade "A" 1/2-inch plywood. Clear lacquer polyurethane finish.

Price: $10.00 ea.

Paddleton Birdies

Rubber or Silicone-Tipped Birdies

Custom-molded rubber or silicone tips specially-designed for paddleton. Individually cut turkey feathers. Six birdies per tube.

Price: $20.00/tube


Regulation Badminton Net

Standard badminton net for use indoors or out. Contact Carter Paddleton for custom netting made to stretch across multiple courts (see photo).

Price: $10.00/net


Wooden Poles for Gymnasium Use

Ideal for supporting nets between courts in multi-court gymnasiums (see photo).

Price: $8.00 ea.


Contact Carter Paddleton to place your order today!